Victoria Beckham shop inside

Apr 5, 2022 | Couriers, News, Team

Team update

Here at Quickline Couriers, we’ve always had an extremely ambitious team that hits targets each week to reach that final goalkeeping our clients satisfied. We believe that goals are essential for running our business smoothly and successfully. They give us a clear focus, motivate the team and set targets to work towards. And we can safely say it’s working well. You may have noticed us talking about what we’ve been up to each week via social media; we thought it would be a good idea to share our recent hard work and successes with you through a blog.

On the road

Not only has our co-director Andy Martin visited our lovely existing customers in Blackburn and Manchester, but the Liverpool sales team have been on the road this month, visiting potential new clients. We prefer to meet our clients instead of your standard zoom call because we want our clients/potential clients to feel appreciated, and we want to build that relationship with you before we begin working side by side. In addition, it increases our team’s motivation as we always like to receive honest and personal feedback on our service.

Random acts of kindness

We’ve seen plenty of random acts of kindness throughout our close-knit team throughout March. For example, the lovely Claire was kind enough to organise breakfast for the transport team and a delicious pie day (whilst Andy was taking the day off to celebrate his birthday). In addition, we’ve had plenty of flowers from clients to say thank you for our services; it’s always nice to hear that we’re doing a good job.

Work we’ve done this month

Not to name drop, but our fantastic team completed a special delivery to Victoria Beckhams clothes shop based in London; well done for carrying out this job smoothly and safely. We always appreciate your hard work! In addition, we did a big delivery to the Doncaster racecourse. We moved their helmets to Silverstone Circuit, famous for the first Grand Prix on 2 October 1948 and the first Formula 1 World Championship race.

And that’s a wrap! Well done to the whole Quickline Couriers team for always working together to go above and beyond for our clients; we really appreciate everything you do to make our company whole. If you require a reliable courier, head over to our services page to see what we can offer you, or use our quick quote tool to receive a realistic price on what you’re looking for.