The Quickline leadership team

Jul 11, 2022 | News

The Quickline leadership team

The people are at the heart of everything, including our business! We would be nothing without our people at Quickline, who shape how this business is headed alongside Andy and Ste. We strongly believe in rewarding people who demonstrate they are going the extra mile and think providing progression opportunities within the business is key. That’s why we’ve got a “Leadership Team” within the business who meet regularly to discuss key actions and ideas to drive the business forward. Paul Green, our Regional Manager, gave us some insight into what it’s like being on The Leadership Team and how things are going so far; over to you Paul…

What is your job at Quickline?

I am the Regional Manager for our depots in Liverpool, Manchester, Preston & Stoke.

How did you get on the leadership team? 

Ste and Andy threatened me! Only joking. I’ve been with the company for nearly 4 years now and hope it’s due to my decisions and how I run and support my teams.

What is your role within the team? 

Support and develop my Depot Managers and Transport Manager in their individual roles. This is leading to a very promising future for Quickline.

Which character would you play in a movie? 

Jason Statham because I’m really muscular and sexy. My team will say Shrek.

What is your motivational quote? 

I never ask my team to do something I wouldn’t do myself.

Thank you for your answers, Paul; they definitely made us smile. To get in touch with Paul or our Leadership Team, request a call back by clicking here for more info.