Stoke Office

Our 5th operating location opened in Stoke in July 2022.

Staple Close, Redhill Business Park,
Stafford, ST16 1WQ

01782 444 996

Courier in Stoke

We provide the city of Stoke with fast and reliable services at the best cost! We understand that our clients are busy, so we work with them around the clock to ensure delivery times and standards are always met. So, whether you have a short deadline and need next-day or same-day delivery on your important parcels, you’re in the right place!

We will appoint you one of our highly trained account managers to ensure that your goods get from A to B without any obstacles, saving you precious time and hassle.

Why Quickline Couriers?

We really do go the extra mile (excuse the pun) for our customers, which is why we were voted Company of the Year 2019. One of our core values is customer service; Andy and Steve noticed a big gap to fill with the level of customer service in the transport industry. The concept is simple; you should always give the customer exactly what they’re paying for because what are we getting paid for if our clients aren’t left 110% satisfied with our services? We wouldn’t be Quickline without you.

This is why our other 4 offices are successful, so we decided to broaden our horizons. We wouldn’t be Quickline without you. So, thank you to our loyal clients for working with the QC team; we highly appreciate you… Onwards and upwards!