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May 6, 2021 | Couriers, Liverpool, Team

Quickline Consignment Journey

Every day, like other courier companies, we ensure each parcel delivery assigned to us arrives at the destination on time. Let’s take a close look at how our delivery process works so you can see how much pride we take in our customer service and care.

En-route to pickup

Our courier service is growing to be more popular by the day, hence why we offer a wide range of delivery services tailored to your needs, allowing you to send parcels the very next day! Once you have decided to hand your parcel over to us, a driver will be allocated to your consignment and is on their way to collect it. We desire to make your transition smooth and efficient with our DBS checked, well-trained and trusted team who are specialised in working with professional firms.

1 mile to pickup

As technology becomes more advanced and connected, we have developed a sufficient system so we will keep you up to date and In the loop every step of the way. Our services provide great reassurance through tracking as you can find out exactly where your parcel is through our real-time tracking system. Once your driver is on their way to pick up your parcel, you will receive a notification that they’re within 1-mile of your delivery address, therefore you can plan the day and will not have to wait around.

Arrived at pickup

Once your driver has arrived at the collection address to collect your consignment, your parcel will be on the move and on its way to the next destination. While it’s important to check the reviews of a courier service, we are extremely reliable. Just as you rely on us to deliver your packages, we rely on your satisfaction and service for money. All genuine mistakes and mishaps aside, Quickline Couriers take the hassle and stress of delivery out of your hands, leaving you as a happy customer. 


The goods have been successfully collected and the driver is now on their way to your delivery address. From the moment you hand your items over to us, right up to the minute the parcel will reach your destination, there is a lot of work to make sure your transit process is harmless and prompt – patience is key and it could take some time. However, if you notice something out of the ordinary, your parcel could be delayed, do not panic, and do not hesitate to contact us.

1-mile to delivery

It’s the final mile, the driver and goods are within 1-mile of your delivery address. Our real-time tracking allows you to keep an eye on your route, plus we provide you with a time-stamped audit trail/proof of delivery. The updates for our customers are a great chance to provide excellent customer service and keep them satisfied with our service. 

Arrived at delivery

The driver and goods have arrived safely at the delivery address, if the recipient is not available to accept the package, they will receive an attempted delivery card explaining either: how to arrange a new delivery attempt in the upcoming days and how the parcel could be left with another individual or pre-assigned safe location.  


Your goods have been delivered and your consignment is complete. We offer a unique transport service for all of our clients, whilst providing a wholly dedicated solution to your wants and needs. No delivery is too big or small, we always strive to go that extra mile… excuse the pun, to provide superb service at a fair price. 

If you are looking further afield, here at Quickline Couriers we deliver all over the UK, to major cities. 

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Seeking reliable courier service for your business? We deliver 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with same-day delivery Liverpool, Manchester, Preston, and the wider-UK. For more information please contact our Head Office by calling 0151 268 0535 or emailing liverpool@quicklinecouriers.co.uk