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Apr 19, 2021 | Community

We’re Football Crazy!

When the question ‘Should we sponsor our local football team?’ Arose, we immediately said yes. All of us were overjoyed by the idea for many reasons, the main one simply being – we love football.

The fantastic team we are currently supporting is Runcorn Sports FC! They’re built on a strong community, set up with the best people, steering the club in the right direction. Early this year, we sponsored their U21 team home kit and have recently sponsored their kit again.

Quickline football

Having such a nice bunch of people to represent Runcorn and devote their commitment to the team makes us look forward to supporting and cheering them on in the future this year.

It’s these factors that made us want to help, especially having sponsored teams that are playing with such great mentality in the past, they are the reason why we wanted to do it again and again.

Crosfields Rugby

This one’s for the rugby lovers! We sponsored Crosfields because Paul our Depo Manager’s talented son played for them, this opened our eyes to the world of sponsorships and support.


The Quickline team is always looking for new ways to get involved with the local community and is more than proud to say we support coaching programs like PlayerPro is an innovative coaching program, with mini-group sessions focusing on individual player development, they strive to ensure players live up to their whole potential, with fully qualified coaches, a professional learning environment, and affordable prices to help young aspiring football players. How did we contribute, you may ask? We supported them with strong sponsorship and a stylish kit to kickstart their studs on the astroturf. 

As local businesses, we believe we should always actively seek to help locals and local projects. Let’s be honest, no one else has our backs and the government is there to fund the major players but not the small start-out ones. Let’s look to support each other in the most grassroots way possible. Sports!

We’re always looking for new ways to help – want to know if we can help your charity in any way? Please contact our Head Office by calling 0151 268 0535 or emailing liverpool@quicklinecouriers.co.uk