Core Values

Apr 26, 2022 | Couriers, News, Team

Our Core Values

So, Quickline Couriers have been operating for 6 years now, and we decided to hold a conference discussing the next 3 years, inviting the whole team and a couple of key people who are helping us bring the dream to life. However, we started with the 3 key reasons why Steve and I brought Quickline to life and why we’ve achieved everything we have today. First, we thought it was essential to lay the foundation for what we care about the most within the business. It provides a common purpose for our team to understand and work towards, which has developed behaviours in the QC that have led to our success.

Customer service

Learning from my former job, I noticed a big gap to fill with the level of customer service in the transport industry. The clients were highly impressed with the constant courier updates I was providing them. Of course, technology wasn’t as advanced as it is today, so this was more time consuming; however, I always think it’s essential to give the value for their money. So, I sat down and thought, hang on a minute, I’m missing a trick here! The concept is simple; you should always give the customer exactly what they’re paying for because what are we getting paid for if our clients aren’t left 110% satisfied with our services? We wouldn’t be Quickline without you. So, thank you to all of our loyal clients for working with the QC team; we highly appreciate you.


For Steve and I, it’s all about having the right people. If you look after the people and put them in the right places, everything else will follow nicely, which is why we’ve implemented a lot of employee benefits such as; private health care, training courses and opportunities, team social events and many more. Our close-knit team defines us as a business, and we appreciate them. We hope they will stick by us within the next 3 years; there’s infinite potential, and anything is possible at Quickline.


You must work to live, so what’s the point in work being boring? If I told you how many years of your life you spent working, you would never want to work again. So, we don’t want that feeling of hate in the office, and the first thought when you wake up to be, “Oh no, I HAVE to go to work.” I can hand on heart say that I have never had a day where I didn’t want to go to work, all because of my fantastic business partner and dedicated team.

Once again, anything is possible at Quickline Couriers, and I believe there are infinite possibilities for the company. However, to achieve big in life, you need to set big goals, and we’re excited to see what the next 3 years will bring to the company.