mental health awareness week

May 9, 2022 | Couriers, News, Team

Mental Health Awareness Week

This week marks the week we spread awareness for mental health and why it’s so important. Even though we’re a courier company, one of our most significant values is people. We understand If we look after our team then everything else will follow nicely. That’s why we’ve implemented many employee benefits such as private health care, training courses and opportunities, team social events and regular 121s with the management team. This year’s theme for Mental Health Awareness week is loneliness, so we interviewed one of our team members to see how he felt during the pandemic and how things are now he’s back to work… Over to you, Bayley.

How did you feel in lockdown?

I felt worried about the situation we were in at the time, not knowing whether things would go back to the way they were, whether we were cared about, and whether we would be okay throughout the lockdown and even after.

Does it feel good to be back at work?

It does feel good to be back at work in the office full-time. It gives me a sense of routine again. In lockdown, a lot of the day-to-day routine went straight out the window, and it was a lot of time spent in pyjamas.

How do your employee benefits help your mental health?

Some of the benefits we have are that we have a lot of people we can come to at Quickline if we feel like we have any issues or worries about anything. We have also recently been provided with Medicash, which we can use for physical and mental health.

What tips would you give to anyone who feels lonely?

Some of the tips that I have used in the past are trying to get yourself out there a bit more. Instead of worrying that no one wants to do anything with you or get you involved, try and make plans yourself with the people you are worried about. Another one would be to keep in close touch with that person, try and make sure they are okay, and if they need anything, they know they’ll have someone they can come to and trust.

Again, we care about everybody at the QC team and hope you’re all feeling okay this week. If you’re looking to seek further advice about your mental health, click here for more.