Health & Safety Policy

General Statement:

The Directors of Quickline Couriers Limited place health and safety as the most important factor in their activities as a logistics service provider. We accept that a quality business is by definition a safe business and it follows that minimising risk to people, property and our customers goods cannot be separated from any other business objectives.

It is acknowledged that the health effects at work may also influence an employee’s health away from the work environment and that healthy employees are by nature happier and more productive employees.

Quickline Couriers Limited are committed to continuous improvement to promote and maintain a high level of focus on health and safety from staff at all levels. Training, information and instruction will be provided to assist in creating a safe environment with safe equipment and competent employees. Our approach will ensure consistent planning, implementation, monitoring, measurement and review of safety performance at Quickline Couriers Limited.

We will as far as reasonably practicable, provide a safe place of work for our employees, visitors and any other persons affected by our activities.

Quickline Couriers Limited recognise The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and other associate regulations. It follows that we will commit to meeting the requirements of these legal responsibilities, seeking competent advice and assistance where necessary. Our aim will be not simply complying with the law, but to achieve industry leading levels of performance in health and safety management.

The Organisation:

Maintaining the health, safety and welfare of the employees of Quickline Couriers Limited is the ultimate responsibility of the Directors who are responsible for the implementation of this policy and the monitoring and review of its relevance and effectiveness.

The nominated competent person is Andrew Martin who is responsible for carrying out the policy, reviewing procedures, monitoring and reporting on incidents, ensuring safety examinations and training is in line with the policy and consulting with the employees and advising the Directors.
Every employee of Quickline Couriers Limited has a responsibility to themselves and their colleagues as well as to visitors to the Quickline Couriers premises and to ensure that they take reasonable care of themselves and their environment to minimise any risk to themselves or others who may be affected by their acts or omissions.

The Arrangements:

Quickline Couriers Limited will create a safe environment for all employees and visitors by ensuring that there;

  • Are appropriate risk assessments in place
  • Are adequate fire and evacuation procedures in place which are regularly tested
  • Is appropriate training of all employees
  • Is adequate provision of first aid equipment
  • Are arrangements for the maintenance and inspection of plant and equipment
  • Are arrangements for the safe use and handling of substances
  • Are arrangements to provide information, instruction and supervision
  • Are arrangements for reporting, investigating and monitoring accidents, near misses and hazards
  • Are arrangements for consultation with employees through the weekly business review meetings

Above all Quickline Couriers Limited are committed to ensure that the behaviours that all employees exhibit, and support are those which by their very nature help create and maintain a safe and healthy environment for all.

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