Health & Safety Policy

QUICKLINE COURIERS are committed to the highest standard of health & safety and believe that it is a fundamental and core part of running our business. QUICKLINE COURIERS will adopt best practices and promote continuous improvement throughout their business to safeguard the wellbeing of all employees, visitors, customers, and others who could be affected by the business and its activities. We will:

  • Strive to achieve a zero accident & incident rate throughout the business.
  • Carry out full hazard and risk assessments of all activities within the business. These assessments will be suitable and sufficient and carried out by competent persons.
  • Proactively carry out regular audits & reviews on all areas of health and safety performance within the business. To report and record all findings and communicate throughout the business
  • Maintain equipment, processes and facilities that are safe and suitable for use. New equipment, processes and facilities will be designed and assessed prior to use to ensure that they are suitable for the task.
  • Provide appropriate information, instruction, and training for all employees to play a proactive role in the safety culture of the business. To recognise that health & safety improvements are a mutual objective and responsibility to safeguard every employee customer and persons affected.
  • Ensure that every employee & representatives of the company are aware that they have a duty to comply with both QUICKLINE COURIERS Health and Safety Policy and Parliamentary legislation.
  • Provide information on health and safety matters by appropriate communication to all employees and persons affected by the company’s operations.

QUICKLINE COURIERS are committed to the continual improvement of all health and safety issues and will provide sufficient funds and resources to enable the correct implementation of this policy. The successful implementation of this policy relies on all responsibilities being fulfilled by all persons involved.

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