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Apr 1, 2022 | News

Guide to Document Courier Services

Document Courier services are useful when you need to get an important document to its destination often in a time-critical manner. This is often the case for legal documentation or time-critical contracts.

What is a document courier service?

Document couriers provide a service to allow the safe delivery of critical documents when there a time constraint, confidentiality issues and important legal paperwork to be dealt with. Our document courier service can be delivered using next day, overnight or even same day service.

Why do people use document courier services?

There are a few occasions where clients require document courier services, these include house sales and purchases, legal procedures and contract completions. Our document courier service ensures that the documents are delivered safe and secure in the time constraint required. We can also provide a return document courier service if this is required. Organisations that use this service can include government offices, schools, law firms, estate agents and banks.

What Document courier services do we offer

Same day service –  If a client is in need of same day service, we can ensure this is provided. Same day document courier service is often due to urgent or unforeseen circumstances so let us take the stress away with a fast reliable service. Quickline couriers can often provide an hour turn around for collection of the document and ensure same day delivery for you.
Next day service- Sometimes the document isn’t quite a time sensitive to require same day delivery but it is still imperative for a quick turnaround, this often results in next day document courier service being selected. Sensitive and secure documents are much safer being delivered using a dedicated courier than a standard mail service which is where we can help. Often documents with high value that need next day delivery will be sent using our reliable service.
European document courier service – If you have documents that need to be delivered in Europe contact our team to discuss the options available to you.

Confidential and sensitive documents:

Quickline provide a document courier service that you can be sure will handle your documents of a sensitive or confidential nature with the upmost care. You can be reassured that our team understand the importance of confidentiality and your documents will be in safe and secure hands for delivery to the destination required.

Legal Documents:

Many legal documents require safe, fast, secure reliable document courier delivery. These can include contracts, court papers and urgent call ups. You can rest assured that we will make sure that the document is delivered safe and in good time.

Can I track my document?

Quickline offer a fully trackable and traceable document courier service which provides you with peace of mind which is important when you have an essential document being delivered.

If you have any questions about document courier services and wish to discuss this further or your requirements, contact our friendly team for advice.