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Sep 28, 2020 | Couriers, News

Do couriers deliver on weekends?

Contrary to belief, courier and postal services are not the same things!  A courier service is a premium method of delivery, where you gain all-inclusive service through collecting and delivering shipments within a small timeframe. On the other hand, postal services transport parcels and letters with an increased time frame to reach its end destination.  

So, why should you use a courier service instead of a regular delivery service? Whilst most parcel firms deliver on a Saturday, very little deliver on a Sunday. This is where a regular delivery service lacks. Many businesses are working with specific and tight deadlines which is why here at Quickline, not only do we deliver on Sundays, but we offer dedicated same-day delivery with a response time of 40-60 minutes from your booking due to our rapid customer service line.   

Who do we work with? 

We work with any person or business who is looking for a reliable courier service to deliver their goods. One of the sectors we work closely with to provide deliveries on weekends and same-day delivery is the construction industry. Things can unfortunately go wrong in every industry, and construction is no different! Equipment can break down, someone could accidentally order the wrong materials or need more than they initially required – this can slow production down drastically if the courier service doesn’t act fast. At Quickline, we have the capability and capacity to handle construction capabilities as we can deliver a wide array of products and materials within tight deadlines. Not only will you have access to proactive delivery, but we are also able to send a driver and suitable vehicle straight to the designated collection point within the same day.   

In the print publishing industry, there is a constant demand for the traditional form of print media despite the growth of today’s technology. We at Quickline utilise our courier service expertise, working with printers and publishers across Europe to deliver signage, POS, and even products such as safety barriers. Due to the sensitive nature of print, it is essential that businesses work with a safe and trustworthy courier provider like ourselves. We use tamper-proof seals with each vehicle ensuring that goods are unable to be interfered with during transit. 

Book your delivery!

So, to answer the original question of whether couriers deliver on weekends, yes! At Quickline we do deliver on weekends. In fact, we deliver 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with same-day delivery options. For more information please contact Head Office on 0151 268 0535 or