Commitment to our employees

Jul 20, 2021 | Couriers, Team

Commitment to our employees

Work commitment or commitment to work is described as an employee’s level of excitement for the duties allocated to him or her at work. It is a person’s sense of responsibility for the aims, mission, and vision of the organisation with which he or she is affiliated. And it is something we place great importance at Quickline Couriers; we have discovered that high levels of employee satisfaction are linked to job dedication and engagement in our company. This has led to improved business performance, increasing customer happiness!

But you may be asking yourself, how do we commit to our employees? We try to develop our staff continuously, which is critical in such a competitive and quickly changing business. Many executives believe that an employee’s devotion and dedication to the firm should be instilled in them from the outset, but this is simply not the case with most firms. People who realise how important they are doing valuable work, and they commit to providing their best work because they see how much their company and their leaders respect it.

Employee commitment and leadership commitment are completely linked. If you want your workers to be dedicated to their jobs, you must believe in and convey the organisation’s direction and purpose. It entails paying attention to how your workers’ skills and personalities connect with the company’s values and culture and demonstrating to them that their worth is more than a number on a sale. However, the most important point of all is strong bonds, we have good relationships with all of our employees which has encouraged the development of a more positive work environment, this enhanced productivity and the overall well-being within the company.

We recognise when our employees are making progress, to be happy at work, it’s important to feel like “you have a friend.” This can be challenging, especially when a company gets busy. But people need to feel like they know each other, hence why we have hired a new HR company, who offer our employees amazing new benefits! For example:

Employee Benefits

  • Bike2Work scheme
  • Refer a friend bonus scheme with financial reward to our employees
  • Eye care vouchers
  • On-site café, kitchen facilities and parking
  • Wellness room within the offices
  • Dress down Fridays
  • 50£ voucher to spend weekly on each team by their line manager (Team building)

Also – from next month they will be adding private medical health care with additional benefits:

  • Routine Dental Treatments Support
  • Dental Accident and Injury Support
  • Optical support
  • Complementary Therapies Support
  • Option to add your children to your plan
  • Virtual GP
  • Improve yourself – wellness app
  • Improve your body and mind – access via the app
  • 24/7 health support
  • Stress helpline
  • Discounted gym
  • 1:2:1 Counselling therapies

In conclusion, we would like to say a huge thank you to our team at Quickline Couriers. We always appreciate your hard work and dedication to the company. Keep up the good work everybody!

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