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Jun 23, 2021 | Couriers


What are the benefits of booking a courier online?

Due to the Pandemic, we’re required to stay in and work from home, if possible, to prevent the spread of COVID-19. For some of us, normal business operations have become increasingly difficult, even the task of sending important parcels, documents and packages. As more people are now using postal and delivery services, there are numerous delays to these services with post being held up in backlog.

With an online courier there are far less delays involved and they have dedicated drivers and vehicles that are able to meet important delivery schedules. This means when you book a courier online you can enjoy the luxury of having the entire process done for you without having to leave the comfort of your own home. Before you choose a courier online, there are some factors to check and to consider so you make the right choice such as:

  • Make sure they’re licensed and accredited – Quickline are both licensed and accredited, we have also won the ISO 9001 certification.
  • Make sure the courier has a good reputation with reviews you can trust – Our reviews are testament to our outstanding service and our users grant us 5 stars. You can also see from our Google My Business pages for Manchester, Liverpool, Preston and Birmingham that our customers give us 4–5-star rating for our courier services.
  • Make sure they are ethical and environmentally responsible – At Quickline we take full responsibility for the environment and ensure that our drivers take the most sensible routes which cuts out any unnecessary carbon footprint. We also sanitise and clean our vehicles after every delivery as well as ensuring every driver upholds to health and safety standards, using hand sanitisers, gloves and masks as well as keeping to social distancing guidelines.
  • Make sure they provide online tracking facilities – Once you book our couriers online you will have access to tracking your delivery from the minute it leaves. You will receive regular tracking updates from collection right through to the delivery.
  • Check they have exceptional customer service – We assign you your very own account manager so you can be sure that when you need to speak to someone there’s always someone there to help. Your account manager can give you important updates as well as you receiving tracking updates and they can provide you with the necessary information when and as you need it. Having someone on hand throughout the delivery gives you peace of mind that if anything goes wrong you won’t have to wait in a call queue or be passed back and forth to different people until you get an answer.

There are also many benefits of hiring an online courier that you might not be aware of and why you should consider using one rather than other traditional postal services, such as:

  • Online couriers are ideal for small businesses operating from home as they allow you to book and schedule parcels around your desired times which you can send locally or internationally
  • Booking an online courier when you have a busy schedule such as seeing to children, sick family members or important meetings can save you time of having to go out to the post office to send them yourself. Most of the time the que in the post office can hold you up which isn’t handy when you have so much to do.
  • You can book a same-day delivery for time-sensitive packages and documents, allowing you to meet important deadlines and delivery dates. The same-day courier service is a fantast benefit if you need an important legal document sending or if you’re a pharmacy and a customer requires urgent medication.
  • An online courier will have an easy-to-use booking portal where you can get quick and instant quotes. You can save time by booking right away if you need them and they can save all your details for next time so you don’t have to reenter every time you book.
  • They treat your packages and deliveries will care and there is minimal risk involved in them getting damaged compared to posting them where your items have to go through multiple warehouses, delivery vans and people’s possession.
  • Online couriers also tend to have the most affordable options available for shipping documents and packages.
  • They have international partners to manage the logistics. Quickline can arrange shipping wherever you need your goods to go in the UK or Europe.

Online couriers are an ideal, time and money saving option to getting deliveries out fast when you need them. They are reliable and work tirelessly throughout the Pandemic to ensure people working from home have their important packages and items delivered. With many people having to look after sick loved ones, key workers having to work around the clock at all times and people having to operate their businesses from home, an online courier is essential in keeping the world ticking and operating smoothly.

You can book an online courier with Quickline anytime you like through our online booking portal. We operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year! Get in touch with us today and make us your number one courier, we won’t let you down.