Jun 11, 2022 | Blog

Advice for ecommerce businesses looking to win more business

Many of our clients are E-Commerce businesses, selling their products online, through their website. For these clients and other ecommerce businesses, we thought that we would have a look at ways you can keep your online customers happy and how we can also help with that.

First things first, once the traffic hits your website they need to be converted into buyers. Once converted to paying customers they need to be kept happy and satisfied with the service throughout as this is how you retain your customers and win repeat business. Achieving a high conversion rate, therefore, is important. Conversion rate being the percentage of people who checkout out versus the number of total visits. To compare this with bricks and mortar retail, it’s the amount of people who reach the cashier versus the total number of people who walk through the door.

Just like it’s the Salesperson’s job to sell the products in the shop, it’s the website’s job to sell to the visitors online. And just like some Salespeople are better than others, some websites do a better job at converting than others.

Your conversion rate isn’t where it ends. Once the customer has paid for their goods the work needs to start to ensure that they come back again. Customer loyalty is how businesses grow and thrive. Lets look at some ways to help with this.

Win more business by stay in touch with existing customers!

It is important to stay in touch with your customers from point of purchase, throughout delivery (that’s where we come in) and also after delivery keep in touch so they don’t forget about your business and service after delivery. The online courier service you use is a reflection of your business in your customer’s eyes.

Quickline couriers can help you stay in touch with your customer all the way through the delivery process which keeps your customer informed and the service traceable which is a very important process for most. We give live updates when the package is in transit, delivery times and full start to finish tracking. What more can you ask for?

Once the delivery has been expertly taken care of by us its back to you. Keep in touch with your E-Commerce clients via various marketing methods. You can email regarding new products, newsletters and use social media to keep at the forefront of the client’s minds.

Win more business by offering incentives for loyalty!

Incentives help to keep your E-commerce customers feeling valued. It doesn’t have to be much but incentives make your clients feel like they matter and this in turn helps to keep your E-commerce customers happy. Exclusive deals like a discount for a returning customer / repeat order is always a winner. Another positive way to keep your clients smiling is to remember what they like so that you can show that they are valued and send offers exclusive to them. There are apps that can be installed on websites that will remember your customer’s birthday for example, so you can create very personalised rewards.

Human contact is key:

Yes, your E-Commerce customers place orders with your business online but if they need help or have questions about your products or services its important that your customers have human interaction and can speak to someone. Many companies end up losing custom as there is nobody to speak to if the customer has any questions other than automated systems and chats. Having human contact streamlines the service and can separate you as one of the companies that were easy to deal with and in turn help with return business.

Keep Improving:

Continuous improvement will always help to keep your E-Commerce customers happy. Stay on top of your game and one step ahead of your competitors. Improvements to your online shop, using us at Quickline for a fully traceable delivery service and continued aftercare all will help to ensure that your customers are happy and invest in your business.